I was born and reared in Sioux Falls, SD. SD gave me my love of open spaces, wheat fields, small towns, and lots of sky. We lived with my grandmother (Veronica) who gave me art lessons when I was 12. Although I didnt appreciate what I was learning then, I am now so grateful to her for recognizing that I had talent and encouraging me to improve on it. I went to college in the big city to see if I liked it. I didnt. A few years in Chicago intensified my appreciation of the Great Plains.
We moved to the Kansas City area, and have been here since. Its a place to appreciate the dual advantages of urban living on the prairie. My husband and I fill our lives with fly fishing, art, and our home life; daughters, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, dogs and cats. My art reflects all that is good in our lives. After years in an office, I switched careers. Skills obtained in the corporate world, are now helping me build an art business, investing time and energy in the business of constructing a painting. I hope to fulfill my grandmothers expectations. Art has always been my passion, and it is now my profession. I hope you will take advantage of both to turn memories into a tangible piece of art, whether the portrait is of you or a loved one, a pet or a place.